Mould/Copper Tube Adjustable Laser Beam Welding Machine With Foot Switch


Product Application:

Laser welding machine is one of the most common laser processing equipments. The heat affected zone, welding joints, welding efficiency are important indicators of welding technology.

Galvanometer scanning laser spot welding machine is the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the key components used in the production of high-quality imported parts, welding machine, the use of the scanning mirror of the dynamic welding process, and the use of scanning lenses instead of moving parts or welding mirror Group moving the way, so that the lens in the scanning lens laser beam quickly switch between the solder joints, the greater the distance between the solder joints, the more the number of solder joints on the workpiece, the more obvious advantages. In the single-point welding due to greatly reduce the idle time positioning time, production efficiency than ordinary XY table laser welding to improve 4-10 times, galvanometer and laser are directly controlled by the software to provide based on Windows XP platform Of the special laser welding software. Welding points or graphics can be in its special software directly enter, edit, but also by AutoCAD, CorelDRAW and other software editing, can also import DWG or PLT file. The machine is stable in quality, easy to operate and easy to maintain.


Model Demonstration
F=Fiber Welding Machine, A=Auto Welding Machine, S=Jewelry Welding Machine
Laser Type
Nd : yag, 1064nm
Laser Power
Gross Consumption
Power Supply
Pulse Width 
Pulse Frequency
Beam Size
Adjustable Beam Size
Aiming Position
Microscopy or CCD (Rotatable 360 °)
Cooling Method
Water Cooling
Protective Gas
Single 1 (Argon )
Working Table Travel Route
200*200 ~ 1200*1200 (Optional )
Location Precision
Working Table Load



1, The use of high-speed scanning galvanometer for laser positioning, the speed of up to 7000mm / s, greatly reducing the welding time between the empty time, which greatly improve production efficiency;

2, Digital galvanometer interface, anti-interference ability, better stability;

3, All Chinese special control components, powerful, easy to operate, compatible with a variety of format files;

4, High-power cooling system to meet the continuous production of mass production.

5, Processing speed, thermal deformation is minimal, does not affect the product within the electronic components or chemical composition of the performance;

6, Can be equipped with different welding range of field mirror and welding power;

7, With the corresponding supporting institutions to achieve online production.


Application :

It is used in off-line / on-line welding of high-volume production enterprises in electronics, communication, hardware and other industries, including welding of fine parts such as fine microelectronic components, integrated circuit leads, high power diodes, type batteries, mobile phone shields, Shell, metal capacitor shell, computer hard drive, micro-motor, sensor, metal shielded net, razor blade and other types of electronic products, high efficiency laser spot welding or sealing welding.