co2 laser cutting machine and engraving 150W for metal non metal


Product Description :

MT-MN Series multifunctional laser cutting machine is suitable for metal and non-metal sheet cutting, which is equipped with steel welded frame, stable, good rigidity, high dynamic response that ensures no deformation on long term working basis. Multifunctional laser cutting head suitable for metal and nonmetal materials cutting. Special design working table good for both metal and nonmetal materials processing. Self-developed new generation touch screen motion controller with touch-screen software design. It greatly simplifies the exchange of metal and nonmetal processing to a key press. The control system supports automatic tracking for metal cutting and auto focus for nonmetal processing, which makes various material thickness cutting simply and satisfying. 



Technical Parameters

Model of Machine


Cutting Area




Cutting Thickness

1mm-2mm Thin Metal Sheet

Laser Route

Fixed Laser Route, Work Piece Moving by Cross Slide Working Table

Transmission Method

Dual ball screw & Linear guide

Cutting Positioning

Red Light Pointer/auto focusing system

Operating System

Windows XP

Max output power


Laser wavelength


Pulse frequency


Min line width


Electrical source


X/Y/Z axis geometric positioning accuracy


X/Y/Z axis re-orientation accuracy


Control System

Offline Motion Control/CNC

Cooling system

7p industry water cooling system

Max cutting speed


Compatible software


Applicable industries: Metal and Non-metal laser cutter has been widely used in manufacture billboard high-low voltage electric cabinet kitchenware motor vehicle underground train machinery metal crafts etc.

Applicable materials:  Suit for metal and alloy and non-metal materials, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, copper sheet, aluminum sheet, gold, silver titanium sheet wood, paper, leather, cloth, organic glass, resin, acrylic, woolens, plastic, wollens, plastic, rubber, ceromlctile, crystal, bowlder, bamboo etc.


Samples of MT-1325 Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine 1mm Gold Laser Cutting Machine :

co2 laser cutting machine and engraving 150W for metal non metal