Co2 glass tube laser marking machine


Product introduction:

Co2 glass laser marking machine is based on the traditional laser marking machine and launch of a new generation of CO ₂ laser marking system.The system adopts the design of industrial standardization, configuration of a new generation of glass packaging, import CO ₂ laser F – is a mirror, and the expanded beam focusing system and high-speed scanners, can work in a precision elevating platform for intelligent control and operation.In addition, co2 glass tube laser marking machine can achieve 24 hours continuous, high speed, stable operation, high cost performance.

Product parameters:

model MT-DF30S MT-DF60 MT-DF80 MT-DF100
laser type Glass packaging CO2 laser
wavelength 10600nm
laser power 30W 60W 80W 100W
max. marking speed <8000MM/S <7000MM/S
max. marking depth ≤0.3MM ≤0.3MM
repetition precision ±0.01MM ±0.01MM
response time 0.5MS 0.5MS
gross consumption <1.0KW <1.5KW
gross weight 180KG 260KG
Overall dimensions 1100*1000*1250MM 1700*1000*1250MM
Marking the scope 110*110MM/175*175MM/220*220MM/300*300MM
The work environment Between 10℃ and 30℃;Humidity is between 5% and 85%
Cooling way water cooling
Working power supply AC 110/220V±10%,50/60Hz


Co2 glass tube laser marking machine is suitable for food, medicine, tobacco, leather, packaging, clocks, lighting, electronic components and other industries.The co2 glass tube laser marking machine has powerful functions, which can meet the requirements of high precision and high stability, and has the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and no pollution.

Marking effect diagram: